Case Aarhus - Gellerup (DK)

March 2011 Rob van der Bijl (Fava/ made site visits at Gellerupparken (Aarhus, Denmark). Moreover we discussed alignments of a proposed tramway from the city to Gellerup with Ole Sørensen, project manager at the Letbanesekretariatet of Midttrafik. Particularly we addressed the question how to optimize future tram users’ accessibility in the Gellerup area. Unfortunately the Gellerup branche of the proposed tramway isn’t part of stage 1, that is, the official project so far.
The case Gellerup reveals potential of rail-based public transport to enhance problematic neighbourhoods socially and economically. However this potential is highly dependent from many external aspects like the availability of jobs in the urban area at stake. But also from internal features, notably the way the tram improves local accessibility and regional connectivity (e.g. fast and reliable connections with job centres in the city and around). Still it’s questionable whether a new tramway ‘causes’ social empowerment and economic success.

Photos and Map samples by Fava. Courtesey Letbanesekretariatet.

Gellerup as a matter of fact is one of series of case studies regarding the effects of high quality transport routes on their environments. in cooperation with Fava still elaborates the following tramway and light rail projects:

=Blue line & Gold line, Los Angeles (CA, US)
=Green Line Somerville extension, Boston (MA, US)
=Hasselt-Maastricht (Belgium/Netherlands)
=Line A and B, Strasbourg (France)
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=RegioTram, Groningen (Netherlands)
=Saint Denis – Bobigny – Noisy-le-Sec (T1), Paris (France)
Also public transport links in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Fava’s Penha case)