Favas.net is an association of independent professionals committed to spatial solutions and social empowerment. Favas.net is founded in 2009 and managed by RVDB Urban Planning. May 2015 Renée van der Bijl (MSc Political Science) joined Favas.net. She will prepare case studies to social inequity in Rotterdam (NL) and Paris (FR).

July 2016 SAFE PLACES (Veiligwonen.nl) was incorporated in Favas.net.

Fava is founded in 2009 by Pnina Avidar, Rob van der Bijl, Juliette van der Meijden and Laura Nino.
Fava assists communities to explore and identify spatial planning's targets (such as the structure of public open spaces and roads), propose possibilities that integrate the social realm with spatial interventions, map the decision making, reframe projects and planning processes.

Pnina Avidar (1961) is a practicing architect, writer and educator. She graduated from the Eindhoven University of Technology (1993). Since then she has practiced as an architect in the Netherlands, Germany (Studio Libeskind) and Israel. She founded together with Marc Schoonderbeek 12PM Architecture – an Amsterdam-based design studio for architectural and urban design.
She is the head of the architecture department of Fontys Academy for Architecture and Urbanism in Tilburg, The Netherlands (2000), and a guest teacher and tutor at various Architecture schools in The Netherlands. She has been an editor of OASE, a bilingual (Dutch/English) magazine on Architectural Design and Theory.

Pnina's website: www.12pm-architecture.com

Rob van der Bijl (1955) is an Amsterdam-based urban planner and for many years independent consultant, researcher and designer, working on the intersection of urban planning, transport, technology & culture. As independent expert he was and is involved in urban planning, design and transport projects in Europe, America, Africa and Asia. He got his engineering degree (1985) and his PhD (1998) at the University of Technology in Delft (Netherlands).
He is editor of BLAUWE KAMER, a Dutch magazine on urban planning and landscape architecture. Since 1986 he published numerous articles and several books. He teaches at academies and at all other kinds of institutions and occasions.

Rob's websites: RVDB office - www.lightrail.nl/

Juliette van der Meijden (1957) is urban designer and consultant (recently Amsterdam-based) with more than fifteen years experience in Europe. Prior to her practice in The Netherlands, she lived in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), where she worked on a variety of projects; such as housing and master planning in Brazil and abroad. She graduated in urban design (Academie van Bouwkunst, Rotterdam 1992) and in architecture (Faculdades Integradas Bennett, Rio de Janeiro (1981).
Her work is committed to strategic thinking and designing innovative solutions for cities in the world. Always on the look for challenging work, where she can use her vast experience of design related research, combined with academic and practical experience.

Juliette's website: www.urbanvisions.nl

Laura Nino (1982) is socio-cultural trends' analyst and the driving force behind Thought Refinery. This is the platform where her passion and work experience fuse in a valuable service. She graduated at the Georgetown University (2005) and the Universidad de Los Andes (1999).
She scout and capture new market signals, design tailored workshop tools for understanding and translating the market signals and refine workshop’s ideas into succinct innovative positioning for a Brands product/service. Before founding the Thought Refinery, she worked as a senior consumer and trends researcher at Philips Design’s Strategic Futures Design team in areas of lifestyle and healthcare.
She has over eight years of experience designing research methodologies to support strategic and creative processes with clients from the private and public sectors in the US, EU, LATAM and ASIA.

Laura's blog: www.trendscatalyst.blogspot.com