Project Overview

Research into the natural growth analogy

Pending cases

=Amsterdam (Netherlands), several cases

=Aarhus, Gellerup (Denmark), social segregation, connections & access Info...

=Bat Yam (Tel Aviv, Israel), Biennale and more Info...

=Boston/Somerville (MA, USA), grass root group support

=Capetown (South Africa), soccer and social cohesion

=Chungking Mansions (Hong Kong), social segregation, informal economy

=Ciudad Lineal (Madrid, Spain), social segregation, informal economy

=Dutch Rail Sector, safety and service Info...

=Flevoland (Netherlands), public learning, architectural and landscape design Info...

=Ghent (Belgium), socio-geographic features of high-rise housing Info...

=Grigny (Paris, France), social segregation, connections & access

=Heyvaert (Brussels, Belgium), ecology of urban crime, informal economy

=Jerusalem region (Israel), infrastructure and social segregation Info...

=Los Angeles (California, USA), the Brentwood case Info...

=Maastricht (Netherlands), heuristic urban planning, new economic models

=Penha (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), aid work and heuristic urban planning Info..

=Rotterdam (Netherlands), Bloemhof, social cohesion, connections & access

=Safe Places Info...

=Sex and The City, urban ecology, social reproduction Info...

=The Hague Region (Netherlands), Leidschendan Prinsenhof, social safety

=Evolutionary Regions Info...

Past cases

='The City is home', our proposal/video for the Philips Livable Cities Award (2010-2011). Info...

=Regeneration Downtown Oranjestad, assigned by Aruba Government, 2010.
Workshop and expert advice infrastructural conditions. Info...

=Reframing Road Function Willemstad, assigned by DOW, Curaçao, 2010.
Workshop on roads in the city. Info...

=International Advisory Panel Member, INTA at Echirolles/Grenoble (France),
assigned by INTA 2009.
Development of a new regional urban centre.

=International Advisory Panel Member, INTA at La Réunion (France/DOM),
assigned by INTA, 2007.
TramTrain and urban-ecomic development Info...

=Floating houses. Urban extension. Assigned by Municipality of Schouwen-Duiveland, Netherlands, 2008-2009.
Design of six dwellings located in the 'Zuidhaven'.

=Regional Planning, assigned by Region Arnhem Nijmegen, 2005-2009.
Expert support aiming on elaboration of infrastructural conditions for regional and urban planning.

=Resilient Transport Framework for Abu Dhabi
RVDB/OTAK, Lake Oswego, Oregon, USA), November 2008
Expert support for urban structure planning.

=Co-Creatorship and Coordination Stadslab European Urban Design Laboratory ,
assigned by Fontys Academy for Architecture and Urban Design, Tilburg (Netherlands), 2006-2008.

=Coordination Master of Urbanism, assigned by Fontys Academy for Architecture and Urban Design, Tilburg (Netherlands), 2002-2008.

=Strijp S urban vision development. Assigned by municipality of Eindhoven, Housing corporation Trudo, 2007.
'Green' development  generated by the 'creative industry',supported by technological innovation.

=Amsterdam Indische buurt - Green structure
Green Strategy - TRANSFORMATORHUZEN. Assigned by 66 EAST, Indische Buurt, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2006.
Urban refubrishment using ‘living material’ in order to refurbish and shape the public space of the neighbourhood. Info...

=Station Environment, assigned by City of Stavanger (Norway), 2006.
Workshops and expert support for improvement of central station as condition for urban development.

=Parkstad Green Structure
Urban vision Parkstad Heerlen. Assigned by Gallery Signe, Heerlen, Netherlands, 2006.
Illustration of future city,
understood as a part of a mega green structure connecting the city of Sittard (Netherlands) with the city of Aachen (Germany). Info...

=Hight Quality Public Transport for medium sized cities and regions,
assigned by HiTrans Interreg III B Programme North Sea Region, 2003-2005.
Expert support aiming on elaboration of Public Transport-based conditions
for land-use planning and urban design.

=Regional Nodes Study, assigned by Amsterdam Region, 2000-2001.
Bottom-up urban planning using nodes as centres of development.

=Urban safety, assigned by Dutch Police, 1990-1999.
Assessments of architectural and urban design, plans, projects.

=PhD, University of Technology, Delft, Netherlands, 1986-1998.
Investigation into a precedent-based approach.

=Urbanism of Quantities. Assigned by Gallery Shtinitz, Tel Aviv, Israel 1997.
Regeneration of the urban fabric. Programme for a city of 50,000,000 inhabitants.

=Public Housing Bijlmer, Amsterdam, assigned by Zurich International, 1995.
Photography-based analysis and documentation.

=Eo Weijers Competition, 1988-1989.
Bottom-up, project-based approach of urban as well as economical and cultural development of Zuid-Limburg within its international region.

=Telematica 2025 Competition, with prize, 1987-1988.
Design of urban freezone in city of Amsterdam framing conditions for urban development.