Sex and The City

Sex & The City is an ongoing project of Rob van der Bijl and Arjen van Susteren hosted by Fava. Aim of the project is investigation of cities (metropolitan territories) in order to understand their role in social reproduction. The researchers conjecture reproduction (‘sex’) is the result of mutual interaction between citizens (‘people’) and means (‘money’), supported by infrastructure (‘connections’).

Diagram by Rob van der Bijl and Arjen van Susteren – Fava, 2009-2011

Three types of cities
North American city – Los Angeles / European city – Paris / Asian city – Tokyo
Source: Metropolitan World Atlas by Arjen van Susteren. 010 Publishers, Rotterdam 2005

Tokyo – Ecology of Reproduction
Photo by Rob van der Bijl, Tokyo, April 11, 2008

The Sex & The City Project elaborates ‘sample cities’ from other Fava projects, like: Amsterdam, Capetown, Copenhagen, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Paris, Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo.
The project is hosted by Fava since 2009. It’s rooted in earlier work of both Rob van der Bijl and Arjen van Susteren.

=Rob van der Bijl, Steden vergelijken is een kunst. Blauwe Kamer 5, 2011, pp.14-15.
=Arjen van Susteren, Metropolitan World Atlas, Rotterdam 2005.

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