Case - Willemstad (CW)

Willemstad (Curaçao) faces severe traffic problems. Particularly car traffic from the airport (and other western destinations) on their way to eastbound destinations overloads the urban roads (and vice versa). The problem: regional/urban connectivity contradicts to local/city accessibility and livability.

March 2010 Rob van der Bijl (Fava/ was assigned by DOW (Public Works – Dienst Openbare Werken) to assess this problem. Pre-research (January-March 2010) was applied in chairing and guiding a workshop at the office of DOW (March 5, 2010). The workshop was attended by management and staff of DOW, as well as DROV (Urban Housing and Building Regulations – Dienst Ruimtelijke Ontwikkeling en Volkshuisvesting).

Members of the workshop discussed the twofold claim on some of the local city roads: through traffic versus local use and accessibility. In other words: the contradiction between traffic space design solutions on the one hand, and concepts like ‘shared space’ on the other hand. The creation of a trunk road as possible solution was also discussed. Big question in this respect: could a trunk road be introduced without causing urban sprawl?

=Maps: Open Street Map, a non-profit organisation that relies on donations for much of its funding.

=Management workshop: Frensel Mercilia (DOW), Denise Lobo-Pieters (DOW).

=Site visits Curaçao by Rob van der Bijl (Fava/RVDB/, during January and March 2010.

=Bonus project: Study tour Amsterdam (Netherlands) for members of DOW-staff. Supervised and guided by Rob van der Bijl (Fava/, March 25, 2010, in co-operation with Denise Lobo-Pieters (DOW) and Blaauwhooft.

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